How to find the best Barcelona Properties for Sale

Personal Shopping

What Is A Real Estate Personal Shopper?

Time to search, local real estate knowledge and an understanding of Spanish regulations. If you’re looking for the best Property for Sale in Barcelona, you should have all three items. This might prove difficult, especially if you’re a foreigner visiting Barcelona for the first time.

With our Real Estate Personal Shopper service, we’ll take you from start to finish. We’ll make a tedious process fun and easy.

What is a personal shopper
Step by Step finding Barcelona Property for Sale

Step by Step

Meet & Greet

If you’re somebody who’s looking to invest or buy a home in Barcelona just get in touch! We’ll set up a meeting where we’ll find out the best way to help you, analyze the financial viability of your desires and outline a plan of action.

Time to choose!

Once we’ve agreed on how to proceed, you’ll start to receive several options in your mailbox. Since we have no affiliation with other real estate agencies, we can go through the entire Barcelona Real Estate market, and find you the best properties out there.

All options sent to you will have a good value per square meter and will tick as many boxes as possible, from your wish list.

Just choose your favourites, and we’ll proceed with organizing the visits

The visits

It always takes a bit of time until the customer gets a feel of what’s out there and realizes what works for him and what doesn’t.

That’s what visits are for!

Specially the first few ones. We want you to find a place you love and is a good investment at the same time. This of course will take some time. But rest assured that with each visit our knowledge of your likes and dislikes will deepen, getting us one step closer to finding your dream home.

We found it!

What happens now?

The Negotiation Process

Once you’ve fallen in love with a property, we proceed to start the negotiation on your behalf.

This stage might be uncomfortable for most, but we love it!  We thrive in getting the best value for our clients. Also our fees are based on our negotiation. The more you save, the more we make!

The Downpayment

The price has been agreed, time to get serious. A downpayment contract is drafted and 10% of the value is paid out. We make sure that the contract protects our clients and we always try to put in enough escape clauses, in case the deal turns sour.

Due Diligence

While the ink is still fresh on the Downpayment Contract we proceed with the Due Diligence. All required documentation will be requested and at this stage it will be decided if we bring in a Real Estate Lawyer to oversee the operation. Only once we are fully satisfied will we give the go-ahead to proceed with the property deed signing.

Property Deed Signing

Time to close the deal! At the previously agreed upon date we meet at the notary’s office, you proceed to sign all documents and pay out the remainder of the properties price. In exchange you’ll receive the keys of your Barcelona dream house.

Moving into the best barcelona property

Post purchase care

After you’re acquired your new Barcelona Property, you might want to renovate, rent it out, or need some help with moving in!

We would love to help with any and all of these, our job doesn’t end when you’ve signed.

At Property Management Barcelona we want to build lifelong relationships with our customers, so if you need something else, we are here.

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