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Best Neighbourhoods To Live In Barcelona

Barcelona, what a dream. You came for a visit but immediately fell in love. The amazing architecture, the vibrant atmosphere, and the cultural mix have won your heart. You’ve decided, you want to buy property in Barcelona, and strengthen your ties with this beautiful city. But which are the best neighbourhoods to live in Barcelona?

Which neighbourhood will be reasonably priced and still easy enough to rent if you’re out of town? Are there any dangers, or city restrictions you should be aware of?

Between the tapas, the sightseeing and the amazing nightlife, you probably had your mind on other things. This is why we created this guide, to give you a quick overlook, and hopefully help you find the location for your next home (also check out our post: How to buy a house in Barcelona, a 10 step guide).

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The "Old Town", a charming tourist district

Barcelona’s most touristic and densely populated area. The Old Town (“Ciutat Vella” in Catalan) is where you probably spent the majority of your time while visiting Barcelona. Founded by the Romans in the XIV century, this is where Barcelona was born.

Nowadays it’s just one of ten districts that composes the City of Barcelona. It has an extension of 4,37 km2 and a population of 100,740 people (2018). The Old Town is made up of four different neighbourhoods, all with a unique character and flair. They are Gótico, Raval, Born & Barceloneta. Let´s have a look at each of them.

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"El Gótico" the historic center

El Gótico (gothic quarter) is one of the oldest and most attractive neighbourhoods of Barcelona. For many, it is actually the living heart of this beautiful city, representing the ancient splendour of the Roman and medieval city.

This quarter is distinguished by it’s nicely renovated and well preserved medieval alleys and buildings, the small streets where you can find lots of small restaurants and cafes while encountering locals and tourists from every corner of the world.

With an extension of 0,82 km2 and a population of 16,731 people, you will find an unmistakable “vibe” in this quarter, that helps to make Barcelona the city we love.

The cost per square meter had a historic high of € 5.101 in may of 2017. Currently, you should be able to find property at around € 4.700 per m2.

best neighbourhood to live in barcelona

"Raval" a workers quarter reformed

When Barcelona developed the need for a bigger working force, “El Raval” was borne. This quarter accommodated most of Barcelona’s workers making it the neighbourhood with the highest density in Europe. During this time it got the informal name of “Barri Xinés” (Chinatown), making it a place historically infamous for its nightlife, prostitution, and crime.

In the 80’s the government started several projects of urban regeneration. This eventually led to the creation of the imposing MACBA museum (museum of contemporary art of Barcelona), around 300 cultural centres, and many other sites worth seeing.

Today this quarter has an amazing flair, a very unique personality, a thrilling nightlife and people with mixed cultures from all around the world (47,4% of its population was born abroad)

It’s still considered one of the least safe neighbourhoods in Barcelona, especially in certain areas at night. If you’re considering investing in this quarter, please have a thorough look at all hours of the day, since a few blocks in distance can make a huge difference.

It has an extension of 1,07 km2 and a population of 46,958.
Since it’s still a neighbourhood in the process of regeneration, you will notice a price reduction in comparison to the rest of the quarters. In Raval, there was a historic high of € 3.922 per square meter in September of 2018. The current price is around € 3.700 m2.

"Born" also known as "Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera"

El Born is one of Barcelona’s trendiest and most popular neighbourhoods. Definitely one of the best neighbourhoods to live in Barcelona

Home to some of the oldest buildings in the city, it is not only one of the most historic areas of Barcelona but also one of its liveliest.

Many of the early inhabitants were fishermen and dockworkers. But since the 1992 Olympic Games there has been a revival, converting this part of the “Old City” into one of the chicest and trendiest areas you will find in Barcelona. 

The heart of the quarter is undoubtedly the picturesque Passeig del Born. Once the site of medieval jousting competitions, nowadays this tree-lined street is a nightlife hub that comes alive with hip bars and restaurants from the early evening onwards, where you may start your night by nibbling on tapas, experience one of the amazingly crafted cocktails and sit on an open-air terrace while enjoying the ambiance.

This delightful corner of Barcelona has all the beauty of the Gothic quarter but is far enough removed from the tourist beaten track to maintain a little more calm, charm and dignity.

Prices of real estate clearly reflect this reality. Right up until the economic crisis of 2008 prices in this neighbourhood where amongst the highest in Barcelona, and maybe the whole country. In the ten years that followed the prices slowly recuperated to reach a historic high of € 5.512 in September of 2017. Today you will be able to find property at around € 4.800 per square meter. Ready to search for a property? Shoot us a mail!

The entire extension of the neighbourhood is 1,09 km2 and the current population is 22,296.

"La Barceloneta" the beach is near

With a total extension of 1,24 km2 “La Barceloneta” is quite a big area, right by the beach. Here you’ll find cozy restaurants, with all sorts of cuisines and sunny terraces. Also, some of Barcelona’s biggest night clubs will let the younger tourist get the party experience they might be looking for.

The most pleasant aspect of Barceloneta is to let you be amazed by it’s great views of the sea, by it’s espectacular sunrises and sunsets. The beach goes on for several kilometers, and you can actually have lunch on one of the many Chiringuitos (restaurants which physically are located on the sand) while letting the day slowly go by.

The beaches are equipped for mass tourism with disability adapted toilets, free showers, a wooden path down to the water, surveillance of licensed lifeguards during the day and even volleyball courts.
The residential neighbourhood is a nice mix of foreign and local inhabitants. The narrow streets, light coloured house facades and little shops let you enjoy the beach vibe long before you actually reach the sea.

Since the demand for living near to the water is on a constant rise, you will struggle to find a bargain in this quarter. The historic high was at € 5.282 in September of 2018 and currently, you will be able to find property at around € 4.900 per square meter.

Eixample, Gracia, Sant Marti & Sants Montjuic

These are the districts that surround the “Old Town” of Barcelona. Each of them has a very specific vibe, and attracts different types of investors. We’ll cover all of them in a different post, but we’d love to give you just a tiny preview on each of them.

  • Eixample, Barcelona’s work hub: Population 264,874 / Historic High € 4.934 m2 / Current price € 4.693 m2
  • Gracia, the independent town turned into a charming district: Population 121,005 / Historic high € €4.464 m2 / Current price € 4.185 m2
  • Sant Marti, art and innovation central: Population 235,290 / Historic high € 4.085 m2 / Current price € 3.697 m2
  • Sants Montjuic, looking at Barcelona from above: Population 181,303 / Historic high € 3.929 m2 / Current price € 3.552 m2.
Property Management Barcelona, welcome

What's next?

We hope to have given you a glimpse of what’s out there. Barcelona might be a physically small city, but it’s huge in culture, architectural mix and variety of styles. 

If you have any more questions, would like us to cover another area or just want us to add something let us know in the comments or just shoot us a mail.

We’re always eager to improve.

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